HG_Square_LogoHAVENGRACE Church aggressively reaches out to people who are far from God. Although our approach is anything but traditional, we believe in and maintain a orthodox theological position. We are community of disciples of Christ doing life together. Our vision is to “Reach those who are far away from God and draw them to the light of His love and grace.”

We are a multi-cultural, Liturgical/Evangelical/Charismatic ministry. We are Convergence. 3 streams flowing together as one mighty river.


HAVENGRACE Church is called to reach the lost with the love of God. All people are separated from God and are seeking to fill this relational void with something or someone else. The good news is that Jesus Christ, God Himself, has stepped into the world to rescue us through His death and resurrection. When we accept His work for us, we are reconciled to God and become His renewed people. Being a gospel-centered people means being a God-centered people who are worshippers of Him.


Being a community-driven people means walking through life together, helping one another become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We are called to go out, beyond the walls of the church to touch lives by becoming an instrument of God’s glory to the hurt and lost. It is our desire to meet the practical needs of our community to reach those who are searching for life.